Follow Up on The Tragic Parachute Failure of An Army Ranger

posted by @michaeljonair -

Last week, I told you about a tragic accident where an Army ranger was killed. I shared a note from one of his military brothers who wrote to me.

"My best friend and work colleague SGM "Sam" passed away on a military jump on a training exercise out west on the 24th Jan 2018. Sam left behind 3 girls (6,10 and 12) and a son who just joined the air force. He was a long time Special Operation Ranger, achieved the rank of SGM, and was tight in the church in the NVA area. We are keeping the detail short until he arrives home this weekend and the family has a chance to process this. Me and my teammates have opened a web site to raise funds for a few things. Wwe would like to pay for his sons flight home from basic so he can attend the funeral. The oldest girl had her 12th birthday party this weekend and we wanted to raise money for that. We bought the dresses for his wife and girls and suite for the son for the funeral. His truck was not running so we put that in the shop and got that running." 

Now the military has released more below as he was posthumously honored.