Have You Heard of the "Cinderella" Diet?

posted by Jason Taylor -

A new diet called the "Cinderella Diet," which originated in Japan, is making the rounds on social media, and it's a little scary. It encourages women to strive for their "Cinderella weight." Yep, the weight of an animated Disney princess.

To determine your "Cinderella size" you need to convert your height to meters, square it and then multiply it by 18. So, for example, if you are 5-foot-4, that would convert to roughly 1.65 meters, which, when squared and multiplied, would give you a Cinderella weight of 49 kilograms -- or about 108 pounds. For most women, the weight comes in way under what is healthy.

Thankfully, most people who have come across this "diet" are calling it out for what it is -- unhealthy and ridiculous. The problem is, for every person who ridicules it there are too many young girls who are attracted to the idea.