Nipsey Hussle Says DJ Akademiks Deserves a Public Beatdown

West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle says hip-hop blogger and Everyday Struggle host DJ Akademiks deserves a beatdown in public for his comments about 21 Savage

21 Savage took a note from JAY-Z's playbook and announced that he was done wearing and spending his money on expensive jewelry and will instead wisely invest in property, businesses, and youth start-ups as a way to lead by example. 

While on Tariq Nasheed's New Hip Hop News podcast, Hussle, who recently dropped his debut album Victory Lap, had a message for Akademiks after the blogger said he only wanted to hear 21 Savage glorify violence. 

"They said recently that 21 Savage said that he stopped buying jewelry and he gon' spend his money on investing. You know, that's a powerful message," Nispey said. "Akademiks criticized him and said, 'I don't want to hear nothin' but killin' and I'm about to kill the opps.' and he like 'I don't want to hear that from 21 Savage.' That shit right there get you f***ed up. And we supposed to f**k n*ggas up for that. Period. It ain't supposed to be understanding. We supposed to catch you at ComplexCon or where ever you at and we supposed to spank you for that. And you supposed to learn 'I was wrong.'"

Nipsey also said media companies are fueling this glorification of violence and bear some of the responsibility. "You got companies that add gas to them sparks for their own interest and then they sell advertising space and I don't like that shit. I'm clear on what that motto is," Nipsey explained. "You playin' wit n*ggas. You coonin, like you said. You taking something that's serious and that people doin' with integrity and you spinnin' it for some f**k s**t and I don't agree with that."

This isn't the first time DJ Akademiks has been called out by rappers. On his Complex show Everyday Struggle, Vic Mensa told the host he wanted to "slap him in the face" for his coverage of the gang violence in Chicago. 

Watch the clip below: 


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