Message from Panama City Beach

Hurricane info:

  • Most of Panama City Beach has water; there may be intermittent pressure loss and discoloration, as leaks are discovered and lines are repaired. We remain under a boil water notice. Dishwashers should get water hot enough to properly clean dishes.
  • Household garbage is being picked up in the city limits. Please place canisters by the curb. There is a dumpster is the City Hall parking lot for any household trash. Household trash only.
  • Please separate yard debris, construction debris and appliances/furniture when putting these items out by the curb.
  • Please continue to conserve water. Do NOT wash your cars, rinse off driveways or use sprinkler systems.
  • Do not do any outside burning.
  • If you have housing you can donate or provide to displaced Bay County residents or first responders, please contact Janine Thomas with the city,
  • Remember we are under an overnight curfew and alcohol is not being sold or served.
  • Hutchison Beach Elementary School on Middle Beach Road (Hutchison Boulevard) is serving free hot meals at 9 a.m., Noon and 5 p.m.
  • Please limit travel as much as possible, as workers from our area travel east in the morning to help our neighbors across the bridge and those workers and first responders travel back over the bridge in the evening.
  • Car pool or run errands together if possible to limit vehicles on the road.
  • Bottled and bulk drinking water is available at City Hall, 110 S. Arnold Road and behind the police station and fire station. Bring your containers for fresh drinking water.
  • Many phone lines are not working. We do have some ATT service. Dial 211 for accurate information on resources.
  • Flashing signals are 4-way stops. Do not fly through them.

More messages will be posted as time allows. The most up-to-date information is available on our Facebook page. City of Panama City Beach-Government

Be kind to each other and patient on the roadways. This is a very difficult time for our community. We appreciate everyone’s efforts.


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