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Crews actively responding to natural gas leaks and making emergency repairs in the Panhandle Tampa, Fla. (Oct. 16, 2018) –TECO Peoples Gas team members from the local Panama City office, from across the state and our sister company, New Mexico Gas Co., are working in the Florida Panhandle to repair or make safe any leaks and assess our gas systems damage caused by Hurricane Michael. 

Following our initial emergency response and assessment of the area, which began the day after the storm made landfall, our workers are now going door-to-door inspecting natural gas pipe and equipment, responding to reports of natural gas leaks and making emergency repairs

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, our thoughts are with our customers and everyone impacted," said T.J. Szelistowski, president of TECO Peoples Gas. "We are here to help and will do everything we can to restore service and help rebuild this great community." 

Customers whose natural gas service was impacted by the storm can reach the Peoples Gas hurricane helpline and our dedicated team of customer service professionals at 850-914-6130. 

Peoples Gas team members and contractors are required to carry a company ID badge at all times. If residents and business owners have any questions or concerns about workers entering their property, they should ask to see an ID badge.

As we work to assess damage, make repairs and restore service, Peoples Gas advises customers to leave their natural gas service on. Customers should not attempt to turn gas off at their meters.

For safety reasons, Peoples Gas or other emergency personnel may need to turn off some customers’ service at the meter. If customers find their gas service has been shut off, they should call the Peoples Gas hurricane helpline at 850-914-6130.

If at any time residents smell a rotten egg or sulfur-like odor, see dirt blowing or water bubbling, or hear a hissing or high-pitched whistling, there could be a natural gas leak. Residents should leave the premises immediately and then call the Peoples Gas 24-hour Emergency Gas Leak number: 1-877-832-6747, say “emergency” or select option 1

Customers and utility personnel in the Panhandle should remember to call 811 prior to any restoration or repair work that requires digging. Calls to 811 from the area will be considered a priority. Marking underground utility lines is vitally important so that no additional damage occurs to these facilities as a result of restoration activities. 

Customers who suspect their natural gas appliances have been flooded or damaged due to the storm should make arrangements to have the equipment inspected and/or serviced by a qualified plumber or appliance-service contractor.

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