Bay County Water Status 10/22

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Michael, a county-wide mandatory boil water notice was issued. Utility crews have been working around the clock in all municipalities to restore water services to customers as quickly as possible. As water systems are repaired and water services are restored, bacteriological testing will be performed to confirm that the water is safe to drink. The mandatory boil water notice will be lifted by municipal utility service areas as satisfactory bacteriological test results are obtained. The municipal utility service areas are listed below and the attached map identifies the boil water status of each municipal utility service area. Green shaded areas are clear and the boil water notice has been lifted. Purple shaded areas are still under a mandatory boil water notice.

Bay County Retail Utility Service Area, Panama City Beach Utility Service Area, and Lynn Haven Utility Service Area water systems have received satisfactory biological test results. Based upon these results, the mandatory boil water notice is hereby lifted for all customers who pay their utility bill to Bay County, to the City of Panama City Beach, and to City of Lynn Haven.

Once the mandatory boil water notice is lifted in your zone, in order to eliminate any residual water from home and business plumbing systems downstream of your meter, you should run water for approximately five (5) minutes at each tap to flush the lines. Plumbing lines serving misters, drinking fountains and soda machines should also be flushed for five (5) minutes. The first binful of ice from icemakers should also be discarded. Attached are State guidelines providing information regarding boil water notices and clearances.

Many other utility repair and construction activities are occurring, and there may be intermittent boil water notices should water lines be damaged as a result. We truly appreciate your continued patience and support throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Michael as water service is being restored. For additional information please visit

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