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Possible Yeti prints found in India, how the moon hoax theory is poised to make a comeback, and why we may not be hearing much about UFO encounters by pilots, despite the Navy changing their reporting guidelines were among the intriguing stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

A former NASA historian offered up a rather thought-provoking observation this week when he warned that the infamous Moon Hoax theory is poised to become increasingly popular as memories of the historic lunar landings fade from the consciousness of the public. Pointing to the proliferation of outlandish conspiracy theories online, Roger Launius cautioned teachers that they may encounter more and more curious students who wonder if we really went to the moon and advised that they be prepared for such a development. If the retired historian's misgivings sound like hyperbole, the surprising explosion of interest in the Flat Earth theory suggests that his fears are probably well founded.

By far the biggest news story of the week came by way of India, where the country's army tweeted out a series of tantalizing photographs that they claimed showed footprints left behind by a Yeti. The tracks, they said, measured an astounding 32 by 15 inches and were spotted near a base camp of a mountain in the Himalayas. As one can imagine, the surprising source for the story and the sensational nature of their assertions caused something of a firestorm online and sparked headlines around the world. While many were quick to dismiss the prints as merely those of a bear, others were simply happy to hear that the Yeti may still be lurking in the mountains of Asia after seemingly going missing over the last few years.

In a somewhat disappointing follow-up to last week's blockbuster story that the United States Navy is developing new guidelines for pilots to report UFOs, a spokesperson for the service indicated that there are no plans to make the details of these tantalizing encounters available to the public. Part of their reasoning for this is that the investigations into these cases would undoubtedly involve "classified information on military operations." Although this latest twist in the story is a disappointment to UFO enthusiasts, there's still hope that, due to the increased public interest in the phenomenon, some kind of sanitized report will eventually be released.

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