Is it Just Me, Or is Kane Brown's Daughter's Nursery a Little Creepy?

Obviously I'm very happy for Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn. They're about to have a beautiful baby girl and they could use a bright spot after the tragic passing of Kane's longtime drummer Kenny Dixon.

But.....who helped them design this poor baby's room? Did they have a professional interior designer? Did Katelyn get some 'pinsperation' and go to town? It looks like they took the Parthenon in Greece, mixed it with a little jungle vibes and then threw in a neon sign. All tall vaulted ceilings, creepy all white mounted animal heads and a NEON sign spelling the little girl's name "Kingsley" right over the crib. Is that even good for sleeping babies? I'm not judging them at all! Let the perfect parent be the one to cast the first stone and I am FAR FAR FAR from perfect. I guess it's just not my style. Best of luck out there in parenting world Kane and Katelyn!!!