Julianne Hough Filmed During Bizarre Exorcism-Like Ritual

Some of the world's most influential people are gathered right now in Davos, Switzerland where the annual World Economic Forum is being held. At the conference, the greatest minds in politics and economics are discussing how to improve the world. Along with panels about everything from the environment to cryptocurrency, there are also other presentations taking place and at one, Julianne Hough was involved in an odd ritual that saw her convulsing as if she was undergoing an exorcism.

In the clip, the presenter describes how Julianne is taking part in a procedure that gets bad energy out of her system and gives her a feeling of relief and release, which sometimes is accompanied by an "expression of emotion." He runs his hands down her back and she screams as he reaches her butt. She then starts strangely thrashing and moaning.

Some people think that the person in the video isn't Julianne, but it is definitely her. On her Instagram, she is wearing the exact same outfit and is tagged in Davos.

Apparently, Julianne is also teaching people how to get rid of negative energy.

It's all part of her "movement experience" Kinrgy, which, according to their site, uses dance, mediation, breath work and strength training to focus your mind, sculpt your body, and ignite your life.

The video comes after reports that Hough and her husband are having marriage issues and exploring their sexuality.

Photo: Getty Images

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