Owner of Md real estate company gives $10 Million in bonuses to employees!

For those who have never heard of Ed St.John and his company, St John Properties, the world today is learning he is a very wealthy self-made man.

As a kid, I shared bus rides to school with two of his daughters, Dee Dee and Gi Gi. I've had a glimpse of a smart man who figured out how to create a machine that created revenue by building commercial real estate rental space. Over the past 40 years, he's built his real estate empire in the Mid-Atlantic region based in Baltimore doing just that, over and over, efficiently building flex space and renting that space. Many successful entrepreneurs would have morphed into other businesses becoming bored with the repetition, not Mr. St. John. He's has personally boasted that he pays the highest property taxes in the State of Maryland. Success certainly can bring prosperity. It's nice to see that it's also created an opportunity to show appreciation to devoted employees. You can't take it with you but you sure can enjoy it while you're here!

198 team members share 10 million in bonuses in varying amounts based on tenure with the company. The newest earned a couple hundred, the longest for 44 years of service received $270,000! The average bonus was around $50,000. That will certainly create a Christmas to remember for these employees, that's for sure. The emotion is palpable in these videos. Merry Christmas! MJ

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