2018 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam: Montgomery Gentry

2018 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam on Panama City Beach: Montgomery Gentry

Eddie Montgomery has found a special way to honor Troy Gentry on stage since his passing. For most artists, going on would be tribute enough. But Eddie honors his presence on stage. See the white guitar? That's special. Sept 8th will mark 1 year since Troy passed away in that terrible helicopter accident.

Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry Dies In NJ Helicopter Crash

Eddie told Jammers how there's not a day that foes by that he doesn't miss Troy. He also reminisced about how they wrote Drink Along Song because they wanted it to be like 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall. Eddie has credited fans with helping him move past the death of his long time friend and musical partner. We miss Troy greatly. Thank you Eddie, for sharing your music with us once again.

Eddie Montgomery On How Fans Helped Him Cope With Troy Gentry’s Death

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