Niko Moon Got to Sing the First Dance Song for a Random Couple on the Beach

Sometimes a beach wedding can have it's hiccups. Whether it's problems with weather, wind or just random people walking by the ceremony and messing up pictures, it's impossible to make everything perfect.

On the other hand, beach weddings can be beautiful. You get sunny weather, beautiful sunset pictures and a great vacation for everyone attending from out of state. And sometimes those random people walking by can be famous country singers who sing your first dance song!

Niko Moon just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He said "Saw this couple getting married while I was on the beach. They told me they loved my music. So, I asked if I could sing a song for their first dance. This is what happened."

Way to go Niko!

The song he was singing was called "Dance With Me" and it couldn't have been more perfect. The bride and groom were fans and it definitely made their day.

Niko Moon is also going to be here in Panama City Beach at OUR beach for the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in just a couple of weeks. He's playing Thursday night and I can guarantee we'll get to hear it live ourselves!!

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