Booze Pops. You're Welcome.

Popsicles are a classic summertime treat that cools you off on a hot day, but who says that you have to stop enjoying them when you get older? I came across some recipes for boozy popsicles a couple of years ago and decided to try it out, because this was before I had two kids and spare time to try out new, fun things.

I made two different recipes, on that had kahlua, and bailey's and cream and another one that used fruit juice and vodka. They were tricky because alcohol doesn't really freeze so you had to get the ration of booze/other stuff justttttt right in order for them to set properly. They were pretty tasty, but don't travel well so I would only try this if you're able to take them straight out of the freezer to eat immediately.

Since then I've seen a lot of companies come out with their own version and even wine ice cream too. What a time to be alive. Then I saw this on insta........

How do we get one of those in my neighborhood? The kids would be super disappointed if this came through and they couldn't have any. They would need to sell both!

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