Carrie Underwood's 'Ghost Story' Music Video is.....Whoah.

I don't know what the guy in this music video did to tick off Carrie Underwood so much, but her cold stare throughout this video could cut you to the bone.

Between the jaw dropping setting of an old theatre with lavish costumes and of course Carrie herself, this music video is a feast for the eyes. She said that's exactly the way she intended it,

“The music video, if you’re gonna usher in a new era, I want to do it big. I don’t know what the next ones are gonna look like, but that one I was like we can kind of go over the top, but that’s what we wanted. We wanted it to be beautiful and imaginative, because I feel like the song is, so a lot of really great imagery that’s written into the song and we just wanted to kind of bring that to life. It was a fun day shooting the video, but the trapeze was unexpectedly difficult. It doesn’t look difficult, but it’s really difficult.”

Check it out and let me know what you think? Carrie is an absolute icon.

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