Kids Are Weird Reason #34653: Little Girl Names Doll 'Amazon Prime'

I have two boys they're ages 2.5 and 5 and they're pretty hysterical. They crack me up every day with their antics, but they are also super weird. Kids are in general I think. Their brains just work in different ways than our and tend to think nothing of pretending to eat bugs out of each other's belly buttons.

My 5 year old is really imaginative when it comes to building Lego creations or an animal hospital out of bed sheets, but not when it comes to naming his stuffed animals. He has a stuffed leopard named 'Leopardy' and his teddy bear is named 'Beary.'

I'm wondering if this lack of creativity is the case for this little girl decided to name her baby doll 'Amazon Prime'

She reminds me of the character from the movie 'Anchorman' who is talking about what he loves and is just naming objects he sees around him. Anybody remember 'I love lamp'? Yeah.

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