10 New Country Artists You Need to Know

I love this list that Rolling Stone puts out periodically.

10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: February 2017

 As a person whose job it is to talk about country music I like to stay on top of new artists and trends coming to country music. This cool article not only gives you some fresh new music and artists to check out, but they also give you a little background, what they sound like and a brief description of their style and music. 

Some are more traditional, some are poppy, and some they describe as .....emo country. You heard it right my friends. Not 'bro-country' or 'country-pop' but EMO country. This cracks me up. They can also sound slightly pretentious in their descriptions as well. At one point they compare singer Jade Jackson to "Hank Williams via a somber goth-folk aesthetic." Whatever that means. lol. Either way, the list is worth checking out so enjoy some cool new tunes and let me know if you ever figure out what they mean by Emo Country. K?