Chris Lane got Spanked by Britney Spears

Chris Lane was in Las Vegas this past weekend for the ACM Awards. In his down time he took in the sights and a show. Britney Spears' Las Vegas show to be specific.  

They were hanging out backstage when she asked if he could dance. 

The answer was no . . . but she invited him to join her on stage anyway.  Apparently, she was planning to "fake humiliate" him during her song "Freakshow".

 He said, quote, "I didn't know what I was going to have to do, so I get up there and they put me in these chains, a collar, and a leash, and made me get on all fours and crawl across the stage, while she was whipping me, with a whip.  I was laughing so hard. 

He posted the video on Saturday and wrote, "When I woke up yesterday I had no idea my night was gonna go like this.  @BritneySpears, thanks for the spankin'."