The Guys from Midland are Pretty Interesting

The guys from Midland are pretty cool! Their song "Drinkin' Problem" is about to break into the top 10 of the country charts and they've been applauded as a 'great break from Bro-Country' by bringing back a 70's country vibe with tight harmonies.  

But.... thats not all. Lead singer Mark Wystrach used to be a Calvin Klein model and acted in the NBC soap "Passions.

The bass player was a music video director who won an MTV award for the Bruno Mars music video "Locked out of Heaven" and yes, he directed the 'Drinkin' Problem' video below. 

The third guy just has a cool name. Jess Carson. Plus his wife, Camille just gave birth to their second child in the hospital parking lot.  Hardcore. 

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