Watching Tyler Farr do Yoga is a Little Painful

Tyler Farr Does Yoga and It Looks Rough

I've been known to do my own fair share of yoga classes and I'm not one to judge anybody (it's kinda against the whole spirit of yoga) but Tyler Farr looks like he is the opposite of 'zen' in this video he titled "resolution check in"

The pose he's trying to do is called "eagle"

Now, he's doing a modified version of the pose that makes it easier

for beginners but it's still pretty difficult. To do the pose you have to keep your legs bent in a half squat which starts to burn after just a few seconds to begin with. Then you have to keep your core engaged to stay upright while putting your arms in the correct position.  Here's a video of the correct way to do the pose if you're interested. 

Despite What My Husband Says

yoga is actually a great workout and can be pretty tough, so hats off to Tyler for giving it a try. Keep working hard buddy!