How to Make Sure You Get the FRESHEST Eggs

How to Find the Freshest Eggs

My husband and I eat hard boiled eggs every single day. Now, while slightly older eggs are better for hard boiling them and freshness doesn't matter for frying or scrambling, if you are going to be poaching them you really want the freshest eggs.  

The trick is learning how to find the "Julian Date" on the package.  Here's a handy video that explains it all. 

Also, if you like hard boiled eggs and get SO FRUSTRATED at peeling them, I highly recommend THIS cute little egg cooker. It's the easiest thing in the world and it cooks them perfect every single time. You just set the water level, put your eggs in, push the button, walk away and come back to perfectly cooked eggs that peal perfect every time. Plus it's not expensive at all! The link is below 

The Best Egg Cooker in the World 

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