You Can Cry Glitter Tears on Snapchat with Carrie

Carrie Underwood is Definitely Trying to make Glitter Tears a 'thing'


Carrie has been in the headlines a lot lately, from the new Monday night football theme, to her interview revealing the three tragic miscarriages she suffered last year and now her new album that came out last Friday.   

But we're here today to talk about glitter tears. She broke out the 'look' when her single "Cry Pretty' came out a few months ago. She also made it the highlight of the album cover and I think they're trying to sell glitter tear makeup kits.   

NOW Carrie officially has her own "Glitter Tear Snapchat Filter"  You know what I"m talking about, those filters on the phone that make you look like a puppy dog or a rainbow vomiting fairy unicorn.  Well you can now sing along to "Cry Pretty" and the filter will give you your own set of mess-free glitter tears. Check it out.