Keith Urban Played a Brand New Song Yesterday at the Ryman

I feel like I take Keith Urban for granted some times. He's just SO great that you kind of get used to it and when you hear him do something awesome, it's just par for the course. Every now and then though, he does something like this impromptu home piano version of his song "Parallel Lines" and you remember just how amazing his voice and musical ability are.

See! Not to use (yet another) cliche, but that gave me chills.

Anyway, now for the other cool part about this article. This week in Nashville is an event called Country Radio Seminar or to those of us in the 'industry' CRS. All of the country jocks who can afford to attend get together and attend lectures,presentation and trade tips and advice on how to better our craft. AND a LOT of country stars show up to hob-knob with the people that put their music out to the awesome fans.

During a performance at this event, Keith Urban played with Darius Rucker and gave us brand new song! It's called "We Were" Check it out. As always Keith, I'm impressed by you.