Miranda Had a Surprise Wedding, but Remember When She Did This?

Just a week after Miranda's "salad-gate" incident where she dumped a salad on the lap of some people who were beefing with her friends at a restaurant, we get a brand new blonde bombshell about the "House That Built me Singer"

Miranda Lambert secretly got married to a NYC policeman surprising everybody, especially since they only met three months ago. I'm not here to talk about that though. There are many different "Mirandas" out there. But besides the amazingly talented singer, songwriter, and performer, that she is,

Miranda is a huge beach ball hater. Don't believe me?

I've gathered here for you a collection of every time Miranda has been caught on tape stabbing a beach ball. I do believe she keeps a weapon and/or her nails sharpened for any opportunity she gets to murder any beach ball that dares try to share a stage with her greatness. You keep being your bad self Miranda. I'll always be a fan.

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