So Now There are Avocado Toast Shoes and I Don't Know What to Think

Before we go ANYWHERE with this blog I'm going to admit that I'm a millennial. Albiet, an OLDER millennial, I still fall into the 'millennial age bracket.' Secondly I'm going to admit that I really like avocados and avocado-related recipes and foods.

I find it amusing that for decades it's been acceptable for people to love chips and guacamole (made from primarily avocados) at Mexican restaurants, but the moment people decide to switch chips for bread as the avocado to mouth delivery vehicle, people decide that it's an obnoxious millennial trend.

If you're still reading and really have no idea how avocado toast is made. Here's the gist of it. Ripe avocado, toast and some salt. You can add a million things to dress it up. Here's a video for those who still don't get it.

 As with all things we love, however, some people do tend to take it to far and this is where these dumb avocado toast shoes come in. They're ugly.   Judge for yourself. You have to click on the little arrow on the right of the picture below to see the actual shoes.

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