LOL. Scotty McCreery Still Hasn't Finished His Wedding 'Thank You' Notes

I get it. Nobody really likes writing thank you notes. But after a big event like your wedding, it's something that is DEFINITELY expected. Especially in the South. Especially if you threw a very big nice wedding like Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi Dugal hosted last June. They were even featured on the cover of Southern Bride Magazine for the Fall/Spring issue this past year.

I had to tell my grown-as-heck husband that he couldn't come out to he pool untill her wrote 5 thank-you notes after our wedding. I refused to write the ones to his college buddies and 11 groomsmen. Maybe that's why I found it amusing when Scotty did this interview admitting that it took him a while to get his done, and the fact that he didn't even write them, he just signed them makes it even funnier.