I'm Proud of Carrie Underwood for Wearing a Helmet

I grew up riding horses from a very young age and one of the biggest rules for me and my sisters (and it even applied to my Dad) was that you NEVER get on a horse's back without wearing a helmet. Even if it's just for a second, you put that helmet on your head. There were so many times when even the most trusted horse would get scared and jump sending you flying off with nothing but that helmet to keep your head from smacking the ground. Or if you were flying down a trail and your horse stumbles on an unexpected rock or root, you could end up seriously injured or dead if not for a helmet. I personally broke two during my 12 years riding horses and I know they definitely saved my life.

I follow a lot of country singers on social media and whether they're posing or actually avid equestrians, I can't recall seeing any of them wear a helmet while on a horse until this:

Carrie posted these pictures with her husband Mike Fisher as they took a little ride on their 9th wedding anniversary. I'm so glad she wasn't afraid to post them showing her (even though Mike isn't) in a helmet instead of going for the 'pretty' shot. It's just another reason why I admire her so much. Not only a superstar but also a great role model. Keep up the good work Carrie!