Nicole Kidman Shared Her Thoughts on Keith's "Maniac in the Bed" Line

If you've listened to Keith Urban's album "Graffiti U" you might have heard a song on it called "Gemini"

Personally, it was not a memorable enough song for me to pay any close attention to, but people are talking about it now because of a certain line that's been brought to our attention. Keith sings "She's a maniac in the bed, but a brainiac in her head." Since he was one of the main songwriters on "Gemini" it's safe to assume he's talking about his wife Nicole Kidman.

Nicole recently sat down with an Australian radio show where luckily the hosts didn't ask if it was true. Because that would be weird, creepy and way too personal of a question to ask someone. Especially in such a public, professional setting. Instead they asked if she was ok with that level of sharing. The answer was, kind of.

She said, quote, "I don't censor his art. If I can be a muse for it." She added, quote, "It is embarrassing, but at the same time, yes it's better than saying, 'God, I'm so bored . . . Make an effort, Nicole.'"

Honestly that last part made me spit some coffee out. Here's the song and the audio of the interview if you would like to listen. They ask her about the line at t he 4:07 mark in the interview. Also SPOILERS if you haven't finished watching season 2 of Kidman's show 'Big Little Lies'