Luke Bryan is Completely Aware That People Say He's "Poppy-Country"

I think we all know by now that Luke Bryan doesn't take himself too seriously. For a man who has encountered as much personal tragedy as he has, you would think his music would reflect that. If you look on the surface, it's all 'knockin-boots' and 'rain is a good thing' but if you take a closer look at his work that isn't at the top of the charts, that sits comfortably on his albums and in his heart, there's true country music there.

Luke says, "Typically, I've always had stuff that is poppy-country. But then if you listen to the whole album, there's very country things on there. And I think this album is leaning toward that. 

"I've got stuff that I'm recording that sounds very vintage-like, but then I've got some stuff that has new and different sounds on it. And I think I always have to kind of marry the two."

Here's the full interview he did with Taste of Country and he talks about 'poppy country' at 4:29.