Kelsea Ballerini Talks "Homecoming Queen" and New Album

Kelsea Ballerini hasn't given us an exact date for the release of her new album, but she has told us that it will be 'sometime next spring' and a few other details about what we can expect from her next project.

Ballerini said, "Next year, spring. We don't have a date yet. The first 10 songs are the ones that are singles or that feel mainstream and good for radio. I want to get those all mixed and mastered and then be like, 'OK, I want to do a weird song and a song that is going to crush live but will never be a radio single. I can play with the rest of it!"

She also opened up about her song "Homecoming Queen" which, despite it's title, doesn't really have anything to do with high school drama, "I was never the homecoming queen, I was whatever the opposite of that was."

Ballerini said that the song is about people that look like they have it all together on the surface, but that might not what be the truth, "The reality is that nobody does. We live in a world where we all feel like we have to be filtered, perfect and happy all the time. And it's unrealistic. It leads to a lot of anxiety.

"I just wanted to honestly give myself the permission to be like, 'You're allowed to have a bad day, feel insecure, grow and push through that, and then have a good day.' It was a song about giving myself permission to feel however I feel."

The music video for it is so raw and emotional and shows a 'realer' side of Kelsea we haven't ever seen before. If you haven't seen it or heard the song, I highly recommend you watch it now.