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I'm Going to Try the Taylor Swift Treadmill Strutt Workout

If you follow my blog, you may recall where I talked about how I love to listen to Taylor Swift at the gym. I like her music. It's familiar and comforting to me and despite her being labeled as lovesick drama queen, a lot of her songs are certified BOPS with a good beat. I seriously enjoy working out to her music.

This girl on tik tok, Allie Bennett creates "Strutt Workouts" to different artists where you match your walking tempo to the beat of the song. I've seen a couple that look fun, but of course her 'TSTS' caught my eye. The Taylor Swift Treadmill Strutt. Your find your beat by setting the treadmill to the 3.4mph speed and start the first song 'The Man' then as the songs move through the playlist, they get progressively faster bumping the speed up by .1 every song until the last three songs. Here's what it looks like:

  • "The Man" — 3.4 mph [3:10]
  • "How You Get the Girl" — 3.5 mph [4:07]
  • "Message in a Bottle" — 3.6 mph [3:45]
  • "Better Than Revenge" — 3.7 mph [3:37]
  • "New Romantics" — 3.8 mph [3:50]
  • "You Belong with Me (Taylor’s Version)" — 3.9 mph [3:51]
  • "Look What You Made Me Do" — 4.0 mph [3:31]

For the next two songs on the playlist, Bennett says you can either up the speed to a running pace or keep it at a fast walk.

  • "Shake It Off" — 7.0 mph [3:31]
  • "...Ready for It?" — 7.0 mph [3:28]

Finally, the workout ends with a cool down to one of my favorites:

  • "Style" — 3.0 mph [3:51]

If you try it out, let me know what you think!

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